About Me

K. A. Reynolds, AKA Kristin, is an only child born and raised in Winnipeg Canada and currently residing in the wilds of Maine. She began writing at eight years old, not long after her mother died. Words came to her then like friends holding lanterns up in the dark. And suddenly, the world grew a bit brighter, and Kristin didn’t feel so alone.

Though she’s been published in several literary and poetry journals, Kristin now spends her days writing dark and lyrical middle grade fantasy full of bravery, magic, and heart. When not madly typing, daydreaming or caring for the elderly, she enjoys laughing, smiling, apologizing (and other favorite Canadian pastimes), swapping bad jokes with her children, walking her plump Weimaraner, herding five cats and two Guinea pigs, and reading strange and colorful tales expertly crafted by other imagination astronauts in love with words. Oh, and cake. Kristin *really, really* likes cake. Her debut novel, THE LAND OF YESTERDAY, released from HarperCollins July 31st 2018, with an unrelated standalone middle grade fantasy titled, THE SPINNER OF DREAMS, to follow on August 27th 2019.