It's finally time for the pre-order giveaway of 


Welcome, welcome. I'm SO excited the time has come for my favorite part of launching a new book, which is giving stuff away to awesome readers like you!

As you might have read on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, as a big thank you to everyone who pre-orders or requests this book at the library, I’ve gathered some presents for you I hope you’ll like, and I'm here to go over the rules for those here for the first time. If you've already read the rules, please just scroll down for the photos of prizes. :) 
1) *All* pre-orders (US and International) will receive a signed bookmark, as well as a sticker featuring the gorgeous cover art of Julia Iredale.
2) The first 100 pre-orders (US only, sorry ☹) will receive two of the three pictured postcards featuring original character art by the talented Jensine Eckwall, which are all actual mailable postcards for your every adventuring need, a beautiful signed bookmark, book cover sticker, and a small black crow feather enamel pin that says DREAMER.
3) Library requests for THE SPINNER OF DREAMS are very much appreciated! Request my book (US and International) and I’ll send you a bookmark and sticker.

4) And . . . *everyone* who pre-orders (US and International) will be entered to win a grand prize, which includes all three mailable character postcards, a signed bookmark, two notebooks featuring original character art (one says DREAMER, the other says FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS), a book cover sticker, a super cool large and symbolic phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes necklace, and two enamel pins (one LG, one SM, both saying DREAMER)—one to keep and one to give away. 😊



1) please send a screenshot of your pre-order from the venue of your choosing and/or library request to, and also include your full name and address.


2) please know that I can't be responsible for things lost in the mail, but always do my best to ensure this doesn’t happen.


Lastly and most importantly, to all my readers and those who enjoy my dark and strange fantastical stories, thank you SOOOOO much!!!! Your support means everything to me and I’m just so happy you’re here. Good luck, and as they say in THE SPINNER OF DREAMS, MAY THE MAGIC OF DREAMS BE YOURS!

Now, for the photos of all the pretty things I want to give you as thanks for pre-ordering and requesting at the library! 

1) Everyone who pre-orders and/or requests at the library will receive a bookmark and sticker like those below (for pre-orders, the bookmark will come signed).

2) The first 100 pre-orders will receive two of the three pictured postcards, a signed bookmark, sticker, and this small black crow feather enamel pin.

3) And everyone who pre-orders will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize below (crowned cat and stones not included).

A closer look at the second pin.


PRE-ORDER LINKS can be found on this website under BOOKS, THE SPINNER OF DREAMS.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the related Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pre-order giveaway thread. And as always, thank you so much for your support and interest in THE SPINNER OF DREAMS, a book for fellow anxious dreamers like you--brave and maybe scared, but ready to fight for their biggest and brightest dreams.